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Service & Repair – Welding

Service & Repair – Welding

CloosPre- and custom-engineered robotic systems are provided by Stuart Lock Services using Cloos customized automated turnkey welding solutions. As one of the leading specialists in the development and manufacturing of high-value welding robots for demanding industrial applications, CLOOS uses its decades-old know-how for continuous development.

As part of this tradition, we provide the following services:

  • Start Up Support

    Need help generating weld parameters? Making sure your parts are being welded correctly? Whatever your need, CLOOS can help get you started and on the right path.

  • Online Programming

    Online Programming support is available for those customers who do not have the resources necessary to develop their own programs. Our Programming / Welding experts have many years of experience when it comes to programming very complex parts. This experience ensures that the best approach is taken for maximum coverage and minimum cycle time.

  • Offline Programming

    RoboPlan, CLOOS’ own offline programming software, is designed to assist in developing and modifying production programs on the PC, minimizing production time loss.

    1. Utilizes existing component data from many common CAD systems.
    2. Allows for new systems to get into production more quickly after installation.
    3. Offline programming is also excellent for adding new parts to an existing system; allowing for the programming to be done without stopping production.
    4. Repairs
    5. Torch, Cable and Collision Sensor repairs are readily available or yours can be sent in and rebuilt.
  • Spare Parts and Consumables

    A full range of these items are available from our Schaumburg, Illinois location to ensure optimum uptime and performance of your CLOOS system.

  • Installation Supervision of Robotic Systems

    This is preformed by our installation specialists that work hand-in-hand with the customer or 3rd party installation crews.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance is offered to ensure each robotic system continues to run smoothly and efficiently throughout its life cycle.

  • Training Programs

    Maintenance, Programming (online and offline) and Operator training programs are provided to maximize the understanding of each robotic welding system. These training programs can take place at our Schaumburg, Illinois or Monterrey, Mexico facility or at the customer’s facility.

    We offer training for every aspect to ensure successful use of the CLOOS robotic welding cell. Almost every class is customized to accommodate the individual customer’s needs; allowing for maximum efficiency for the time invested in the training.