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Glue Pot Refurbishment For Edge Banders

Glue Pot Refurbishment for Edge Banders

You will need to make a judgement call based on your expectations for productivity and product quality. If your own maintenance program is no longer satisfying you, it is time to rebuild. Look for burnt glue build up around the gates and in the top of the pot, this is ready for a rebuild. Talk to Stuart Lock today to find out what this will take to achieve.

A few oberservations on your part will start to give you the tell tale signs of an approaching rebuild:

  • Glue line is not even from top to bottom
  • Glue line is blotchy
  • Getting difficult to adjust quantity of glue
  • Increasing build up of crusted glue around the edges of the main basin or gates.
  • Time between rebuilds is 6-12 months, based on a 40 hour work week. Proper maintenance will increase the time between rebuilds.

Please keep in mind that if a glue pot is run too long without proper maintenance, the bushings, seals, bearings and other contact parts will wear out enough to start damaging other expensive parts of the glue pot, such as gates and the glue roller. Good routine maintenance and proper rebuild timing will make a big difference on your profitability.