Stuart Lock Services is the sole, comprehensive Homag woodworking and engineering machinery supplier and installer of the following ranges:

Holzma Saws
Homag Throughfeed Saws
Homag CNC Machines
Weeke Drilling & Mounting

Brandt Edge Banding Machines
Homag Edge Banders
Cloos Robotic Welders


Holzma Saws

Horizontal panel saws that can cut virtually any type of panel material, in particular wooden, plastic or non-ferrous metal sheets or panels. Building materials are another important group. Used in both the trade and the industrial sectors for 1-piece manufacturing or series production.

Whether you are looking for a small single saw, an angular saw with automatic feeding or a large, fully-automated industrial system, you are sure to find the right solution. A choice of systems for feeding or destacking and dedicated software solutions round off the portfolio. Particularly worth mentioning are the HOLZMA machine control CADmatic, the highly successful HOLZMA optimisation program Cut Rite, the dynamic simulation software and solutions for identifying parts during the manufacturing process.



Homag Throughfeed Saws

These are used in special applications where a regular cutting pattern is required, for example the manufacture of flooring. Throughfeed saws are generally integrated in larger lines or plants and excel in terms of their high volume output (up to 60 metres per minute in throughfeed) and extreme cutting precision.



Homag CNC Machines

These machines can be put to work to produce a diverse variety of different parts – with the utmost speed, economy and quality. Used for:

  • CNC processing centres for drilling and trimming solid wood, wood-based materials, plastics, aluminium etc.
  • Processing centres with edge banding for panel materials as well as lightweight panels
  • High-efficiency production cells with automatic feed, workpiece change and stacking
  • Hardware technology for lightweight panels

CNC Processing centres from Homag are high-performance problem solvers right across the production spectrum: furniture components, fronts, door panels, windows, staircases, doors and worktops in any conceivable type of material – including chipboard, solid wood, MDF or plastic.



Weeke Drilling and Mounting

Weeke develop and manufacture high quality machinery for the woodworking industry and carpentry specialists. Weeke produces as an important member of the Homag Group:

CNC Stationary Technology

Compactness, efficiency, quality and flexibility – our complete product range within the CNC-Stationary Technology unites these factors into a perfect package.

Throughfeed Technology

Lot size 1 or reduced set-up times - both with continuous and highest quality. We will meet these requirements.

Drill & Fitting Insertion Technology

The consignment or carcass-wise processing of sides, floors and front boards directly before assembly or packing of the carcasses is your way to a flexible and state of the art production.

Whether furniture industry and their suppliers, whether interior fitters and carpentry shops, Weeke offers a complete, perfectly coordinated range for streamlined woodworking machines.



Brandt Edge Banding Machines

These machines can be used to produce wide-ranging different parts – with the utmost speed, economy and quality. Widely diverse product portfolio, from the entry-level range aimed at woodworking shops through to highly engineered machines and plants for industrial application.

  • Pioneering technologies such as linear and synchronous motors as well as laser technology
  • The right solution for every customer requirement
  • Edge thickness 0.4 - 40 mm
  • Feed rate 6 - 100 m/min
  • Workpiece thickness 8 - 100 mm
  • Complete processing of workpieces from sizing and jointing trimming to grooving or universal trimming


Homag Edge Banders

From the standardized entry-level machine through to the bespoke individual solution in the machine and plant sector, Stuart Lock Services is pleased to be your first port of call whatever your requirement profile. We offer technology, quality, performance function and design. Homag machines bring a rapid return on investment in practical everyday application.



Cloos Robotic Welders

As one of the leading specialists in the development and manufacturing of high-value welding robots for demanding industrial applications, CLOOS uses its decades-old know-how for continuous development. Thanks to the integration of innovative technologies, the new generation of QIROX® welding robots offers additional customer value and production advantages. Among the particular highlights are the complete revision of the product design and the introduction of an optional seventh axis. Both innovations contribute to a considerable increase in the flexibility and dynamics of the QIROX® welding robot. As a result, the automated welding processes can be configured in a clearly more efficient manner.




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